📡 External Antenna

Modify Your DNS Driveby Kit for Long-Range WiFi Sniffing!


Long-Range WiFi

If you want to give your kit extra range for attacks or WiFi sniffing, adding an external antenna is the way to go!

Our kits do not ship with this by default since the adapter is hard to source in bulk, and this mod requires surface-mount soldering - which is difficult and time consuming for beginners.

Mod Guide

This mod requires delicate surface mount soldering. So whip out those tweezers and solder flux! I dont recommend trying this if you haven’t SMD soldered before.




  • The D1 Mini Pro comes with a U.FL connector to interface with external antennas. By default it uses the onboard ceramic antenna, so we have to reposition a surface-mount resistor to switch the antenna trace. Pictured below is the correct orientation.
  • Typically, you would apply flux, and use a hot air-gun + tweezers to remove & reposition the resistor. However, I’m able to re-position the resistor with just a soldering iron since its small enough. A hotplate also works!

  • The right angle SMA jack should be oriented “forward”, solder it down underneath the board! It overhangs some components on the right side of the PCB.

Choose an Antenna

There’s 2 basic types of antennas you can pick for higher gain - omnidirectional, or directional.

I typically use an omnidirectional antenna for wardriving, since they have a better spread for quick surveying.

For foxhunting, or long-range attacks where you’re stationary, I definitely recommend a directional yagi antenna! For indoor fox-hunting, a pannel antenna is better suited.