Known Issues

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Please create a Github Issue on the official Hardware Repo to help track new problems! For replacement kits & support, reach out to or join our Discord.

Kit Specific Issues:


  • GPS: The ESP8266 only has 1 native Serial Port, so we added jumper pads to toggle between UART and pins D3 / D4. The UART lines are swapped, so v1.2 kits ship with the jumper pads cut, and wired to D3 / D4.
  • LiPo: Terminal pinout has “reversed” polarity (see Sony / Adafruit Standard)
  • Screen: Polarity reversed from standard screens


  • Counterfeit Modules: A large batch of failed & counterfeit GPS Modules were shipped to me in early August, and a handful of customers were affected by this lack of QA. Please contact for support & replacements!

GPS Serial Communcation

The NEO-6M GPS Module uses UART to communicate over a Serial connection. However, the ESP8266 only has a single UART bus, which is used for uploading code via USB / providing a Serial readout. There are two things that can be done, both of which kinda suck:

  1. Software Serial - Using pins D3 & D4, you can emulate a Serial connection in software. However, this isn’t recommended if you intend to perform WiFi recon, since SoftwareSerial relies on interrupts that crash the ESP8266.

  2. Built-in UART - This isn’t optimal, since having a free USB Serial readout is nice - but ensures reliable communication. You can use the jumpers to toggle this option.

SD Card Prevents Boot

This issue has been fixed in v1.3 PCB’s!

Previously, having an SD Card plugged into the kit would prevent the ESP8266 from booting, since the SPI pins are shared with the internal flash memory. I suspect it was attempt to boot from the SD Card.

This issue is solved by adding a pull-down resistor to pin D8, which is used for CS.