Wardriving Hardware

This kit uses the ubiquitous D1 Mini form-factor for the WiFi chip, and a standard UART GPS module, the NEO-6M. They are connected together through SoftwareSerial on pins D3 & D4.

Deep Sleep Mode

The deep-sleep mode works by connecting a sensitive motion sensor to the reset pin on the ESP8266.

To prevent “false resets” while the payload is running, we use a transistor (connected to D0) to prevent it from grounding while the device is active!

Battery Meter

This battery meter works by using a simple voltage divider circuit connected to the only analog pin A0.

The values 360K & 100K allow us to map the LiPo battery’s voltage range of 4.2v - 3v to .9v - .6v (since the Analog pin reads values 0-1v).

However, you only need the 100K ohm resistor since the D1 mini has a built-in resistor!


While DNS Driveby doesn’t support graphics in the software yet, some other projects do!

I recommend using a 4 pin SSD1306 or SH1106 screen, but be careful to check that the pinout matches.